LP 10



    •Patented STEYR stabilizer made out of tungsten
    alloy (TRIAMET) eliminates recoil
    •Three barrel vents steady the weapon additionally when shot is released
    •Original STEYR high precision ball bearing trigger: first stage weight and
    first stage travel, second stage weight and trigger stop infinitely adjustable
    •Dry fire training shots without any necessary tools
    •Maximum safety: shots only possible when bolt is fully locked
    •Infinitely adjustable length of sight from 316 to 365 mm
    •Eight different grips available
    •LP 10 available in silver or black
    •Compressed air cylinder with German WIKA quality pressure gauge

    Product Description

    Shooters from all over the world have been fascinated by the air pistol LP 10 by STEYR for many years. No other sport weapon has won that many medals at Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups or European Championships. Hundreds of international titles prove the shooters' trust in our technology and quality.