Benelli Kite



  • Total length  433 mm 
  • Height  150 mm 
  • Width  150 mm 
  • Weight without cylinder  800 gr 
  • Lothar Walther barrel, right hand riflling
  • 450 mm pitch  12 twist 
  • Barrel length  240 mm 
  • Length of sight line (mm)  365/350/ 335 
  • Trigger action  Mechanical, adjustable (stroke and weight of 1st and 2nd phase, trigger stop), sele 
Product Description

The latest version of the Benelli Kite pistol adopts important technical and technological solutions:

loading supplied by an interchangeable magazine located under the barrel, fitted with a gauge showing the remaining pressure;

anatomical grip fitted as standard with adjustable hand rest in three sizes, large, medium and small for both right and left-handed marksmen;

the cocking system uses a mechanism and a trigger that can be customised which guarantee stability and accuracy when firing;

the newly designed back-sight allows adjustment for range, elevation and drift adjustments, even free hand.

The energy developed by the mass of shots normally used is within 7.5 joules which allows Kite to be sold freely on the Italian market.